Sofá acuático

The water sofa, also known as Sonar Sofa, is an aquatic activity that combines the comfort of a sofa with the thrill of gliding on the water. This sofa-shaped inflatable offers a unique and relaxing experience for those who want to enjoy a quiet or exciting ride on the water.

The water sofa is designed to accommodate several people, usually from three to four. It is made of sturdy and durable materials for ensure safety of the participants. The sofa has an ergonomic design with backrests and armrests to provide comfort while enjoying the ride.

To enjoy the water sofa activity, participants sit on the sofa and hold onto the safety handles. The sofa is then towed by a motorboat through the water. The velocity and the intensity of the walk may vary according to preferences of the participants. Some may opt for a quiet and relaxing ride, while others may seek out more exciting thrills with twists and jumps over the waves.

It is a suitable activity for people from all ages and abilities. It is perfect for families, groups of friends or even as a team activity at corporate events. In addition no previous experience required, making it a popular choice among those looking for a fun and accessible water activity.

This activity offers a unique combination of relaxation and fun. Participants can enjoy the scenery of the Costa Brava as they glide gently over the water, creating memories with friends and family. In addition, the water sofa also offers the opportunity to socialize and share laughter and joy while enjoying the ride.