Banana boat

The activity of banana boat is a fun and exciting experience for groups of friends and families on the beach. It consists of getting on an inflatable raft in the shape of a giant banana, which is towed by a motor boat through the waves of the sea.

Participants hold tightly as they try to stay on top of the raft as the boat accelerates and turns, creating a sense of speed and adrenaline. The experience of riding the churro can be very exciting and full of laughter, as the raft moves at high speed and jumps through the waves of the sea, which can lead to falls and dips in the refreshing water.

This is a group activity up to a maximum of 10 people, so if you come alone or you are a small group, you can share your adventure with other people. It is a journey with a journey of 15 minutes, during which you can enjoy the spectacular views of our coast, passing in front of the Illa Roja, the beach of Sa Riera until almost reaching Ses Negres, El Racó and the Big Beach of Pals.

The activity is suitable for all ages and skill levels. However, the children under 6 years old must be accompanied of an adult.

Is important to follow the instructions of the monitor or guide to ensure the safety of all participants and avoid injury. The churro activity is ideal for large groups and is a excellent choice for birthday celebrations, bachelor parties or any other special occasion.