Kneeboarding is an aquatic activity that combine water skiing with the ease of handling a surfboard. This activity is an excellent option for those looking for an aquatic experience but without the difficulty of learning to ski over water.

This activity is done on a board that resembles a surfboard, but with a padded pad on top and an adjustable strap to secure the knees of the practitioner. This board is pulled behind a boat and the participant clings to a handle while being dragged through the water. Unlike water skiing, the participant is kneeling on the board instead of standing.

Kneeboarding is an exciting activity for all ages and skill levels. Beginners can enjoy a relaxed ride behind the boat, while more experienced ones can perform twists and maneuvers in the water. With practice, you can perform impressive tricks like turns, jumps and pirouettes.

In addition to being exciting, kneeboarding is also a physical activity which helps to improve the balance, the strength of the upper body and the coordination. It is an ideal activity for groups and families looking to enjoy a day at the beach.