Balance in the banana boat

The churro, also known as banana boat, is an exciting and fun-filled water activity. Although balancing on this giant banana-shaped inflatable while being towed by a speedboat, it can prove challenging. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your balance and enjoy this exciting experience on the water to the fullest:

1. Distribute the weight equally: Proper weight distribution is key to maintaining balance on the churro. Riders should sit evenly along the length of the inflatable, avoiding crowding at one end. This will distribute the weight evenly, which will help keep the churro stable in the water.

2. Hold on tight: Be sure to keep a firm grip on the handles of the churro at all times. Keep your arms extended and grip the handles tightly to maintain good balance and avoid falling off the inflatable while it is being towed at high speed. Keep your hands on the handles at all times and avoid letting go during turns and changes of direction.

Equilibrio en el churro - Ski Bus

3. Bend your knees: Keep your knees slightly bent while sitting on the churro. This will help you absorb the impacts and sudden movements of the inflatable, which will allow you to maintain balance more effectively. Avoid keeping your legs completely straight, as this can make you more easily unstable.

4. Keep your eyes straight ahead: Keep your eyes straight ahead and your body upright at all times. Don't look down or sideways, as this can affect your balance. Keep your eyes on the horizon and focus your attention on the landmark that helps you keep your balance.

5. Follow the instructions on your tracker: Listen carefully to the instructions of the skipper of the boat that tows the churro. The skipper is the one who controls the speed and direction of the ride, so following his instructions is essential to maintain balance in the inflatable.

6. Relax and enjoy: Stay calm, relax and enjoy the experience. Don't get nervous or tense, as this can affect your balance. Keep a relaxed attitude and enjoy the ride in the churro, remembering that it is a recreational and fun activity.

7. Wear a life jacket: It is forbidden to unfasten your life jacket during your churro ride, Ski – Bus will provide you with the right vest. The life jacket gives you extra flotation and will help you maintain balance in the event of a fall into the water.

Remember that keeping the balance in the churro takes practice and experience, so don't be discouraged if you fall!